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let's get this finalized

Hi everyone! adinkra and I have been busily calling theaters and making arrangements for the line party. We've been held up by none other than Warner Brothers, who've delayed approval of midnight showings beyond all reason. Fortunately, though, some theaters are having midnight showings without their approval, since they already have the reels available (and, of course, want to cash in on fans like us).

Yesterday I went out to King of Prussia in person to inquire after IMAX showings, and it turns out that they're going to have a midnight showing available on one of their regular screens. We can buy tickets for any of their showings as early as tomorrow night. The other theater we're considering is the Bridge at 40th and Walnut--they have regular theaters available, but are not having a midnight showing.


1. Midnight showing at King of Prussia.

Transportation: The 124 and 125 buses run between 30th Street Station and King of Prussia; the 123 runs from 69th Street Terminal to King of Prussia. From the bus stop to the theater is about a five minute walk.

Food: I've spoken with the manager of TGI Fridays (immediately across the street), and he'd be willing to accommodate our group provided we'll be eating before 10:45pm. The resturant closes at midnight.

2. Friday evening showing at the Bridge.

Transportation: The Market-Frankfort line stops at 40th and Market, two blocks north of the theater.

Food: There are several resturants within a block. We'd have our choice between Indian, Thai, Chinese, burritos, pizza, deli, ice cream, McDonald's, and a diner.

3. Saturday afternoon IMAX at King of Prussia.

Transportation and food: see above.

Now for the poll.
Poll #301163 PoA Philly options

Which of these showings would you like to go to?

Midnight showing at King of Prussia
Friday evening showing at the Bridge
Saturday afternoon IMAX at King of Prussia

Please feel free to comment with any other suggestions you may have.
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