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Adinkra Elmin

Introductions, and questions about preferences!

Hello, Philly PoA fans!

A few people have joined our groups, and more are contacting the organizers every day. Introduce yourself to your fellow fans and let us know what you want from this event by answering the following questions. I'll post my own reply to this as an example.


Name: (Just the name you wish to be known by your fellow fans by. Doesn't have to be your legal name.)
Age: (In years.)
Location: (By county. If you live within Philadelphia county, state your neighborhood, i.e. Center City, Germantown, Mt. Airy, South Philly, etc.)

Midnight showing?: (Yes/No)
Evening of June 4th?: (Yes/No)
Dinner/snack before?: (Yes/No)
Earliest time you can meet other fans on the 4th?: (Give an approximate time, and any other time restrictions you have.)

Anything you're interested in doing?: (Give us your suggestions!)


This same survey has been posted on the Yahoo!Group. If you belong to both groups, and answer it here, you don't have to answer it there.

- Marteki
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