Adinkra Elmin (adinkra) wrote in poa_philly,
Adinkra Elmin


Are you interested in Harry Potter and the upcoming third movie?
Do you live in or around Philadelphia, PA?
Do you want to see the movie on June 4th with your fellow fans, but you can't make it/don't want to go to NYC?

Join us here, as we talk about meeting up for a line party to celebrate the movie premiere of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

What is a line party? It's a chance for fans (usually of a particular book, movie, TV show, etc.) to get together and celebrate a major event in their fandom. Normally, fans may wait in line to see an anticipated movie with non-fans and strangers, feeling out of place in their costumes or odd because no one else is as into it as they are. Now, large groups of fellow fans can meet in a certain location to discuss and view the film together!

This line party is sponsored in part by The Witching Hour. For more information about the Philadelphia event, visit, or friend this journal!
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